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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the cornerstone of the operations of the company. It comes out of our belief that our patients and customers deserve the best medicines. Our Quality Assurance belief is that quality must be built into the product from right from its inception, until the time that it reaches, and is taken by the patient. Hence the production and material flow charts of the company have in-built quality-checking activities at key points, which serve to confirm that the production operations hitherto have gone as required. Concurrent to this, is an intensive training program, by means of which staff members are constantly refreshed on their jobs and on the emerging trends in the industry. All these efforts are buttressed by a massive investment in modern facilities, machinery, laboratories and equipment that meet international standards. The vision of the Company is internationalization, and the goal is to attain all international standards expected of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The first step is the attainment of the WHO Prequalification (WHO PQ), which the company is currently vigorously pursuing, after which it hopes to progress to acceptance by the regulatory agencies of all international countries.