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The company's manufacturing plant is located at Plot 2, Kobi Street, Fumesua, Ashanti, Ghana. Manufacturing operations take place in modern, well-designed, and very neat process rooms, equipped with high-quality machines, which in turn, are operated under very high standards, by well-qualified and highly trained personnel. Stringent quality checking procedures take place throughout all manufacturing flow lines. The Company currently produces tablets and oral liquid products. It has an installed tablet output capacity of 2 billion tablets per annum, per shift; and an installed oral liquids manufacturing plant, of capacity, 12 million bottles per annum per shift. The product range includes antimalarials, analgesics, antiinfectives, antihistamines, vitamins, cough and throat medicines and vermifuges, and products include EFPAC Tablet, Efpac Junior Suspension, Citro-C Tablet (Vitamin C), Zinol (paracetamol) Tablet, Zinol Suspension, BX Tablet, BX Syrup, Contreg Tab, Contreg Syrup, Chemoverm (Mebendazole) Tab, Tab Vitamin B Co, Tab Folic Acid, Tab Griseofulvin, Keuron (Ibuprofen) Tab, Keuron Suspension (Ibuprofen) Romex Cough Syrup Romex Junior Cough Syrup Promizel (Promethazine) Syrup, Tab Chlorpheniramine Maleate, and Tab Metronidazole.