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The company has installed a capacity of 2billion tablets per annum shift. It also has a modern oral liquids manufacturing plant with a capacity of 12 million bottles per annum per shift. The Company currently produces tablets and oral liquid products. Our products are; EFPAC Tablet Efpac Junior Suspension Citro-C Tablet (Vitamin C) Zinel Tablet Zinel Suspension BX Tablet BX Syrup Contreg Tab Contreg Syrup Chemoverm Tab (Mebendazole) Tab Vitamin B Co Tab Folic Acid Tab Griseofulvin Keuron Tab (Ibuprofen) Keuron Suspension (Ibuprofen) Romex Cough Syrup Romex Junior Cough Syrup Promizel (Promethazine) Syrup Tab Chlorpheniramine Maleate Tab Metronidazole